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27 November 2016 @ 12:41 pm
Lo que pienso del revival de Gilmore Girls  
Escribí review del revival de Gilmore Girls pero cerré la ventana por equivocación y no se guardó el borrador. Así que me valdré de los comentarios que vi en un post de ONTD y que les dí copy/paste. Los comentarios reflejan mi sentir sobre el revival.


"This show has a lot of faults but I really appreciated that Rory and Paris' friction during the Chilton years was based on academic ambition (Harvard) rather than boys. And they showed teenagers doing hkmework!"

"I was thoroughly annoyed by many things. So Rory and Loralei you can sit an slut shame a woman wearing a bikini at a swimming pool yet you/your daughter is fucking with an engaged dude. OKAY MMHM THATS COOL. "

"The fuck was up with the fat shaming and the mockery of the maid and her family. Loralei acts as if she's not some snob but she's the worst one. Emily and Paris were the best parts. I wish Chas Michael Murray was able to come back so he and Paris could hook up. But maybe it was for the best cause ya know they just would have made him be yet another fool to pin over Rory."

"Can we talk about luke's new john travolta hairline? and michelle and taylor (?) being out omg"

"Alexis Bledel constantly ready cue cards annoyed the hell out of me."
"I hate how everyone gets shafted. Paris's story doesn't get resolved. Lane got zero storyline. Sookie was shoehorned into one scene, isn't present at Lorelai's wedding, wtf. The whole Wild story was SO FUCKING DUMB like omg Lorelai hates the fucking outdoors. And I didn't like that monologue she delivered to Emily with her ~revelation.~ It felt very scripted, not off the cuff at all."

"I hated the therapy sessions. I wanted E and L to come together and finally learn to love and appreciate each other and none of that happened."

"Because I'm so annoyed at the revival, I'm curious to hear how you would write it. I would have Rory be good friends with Jess (who has no residual feelings for Rory!!), bumping into Logan randomly at events and kind of be friends with benefits (but no cheating obviously), but it would end with single!Rory or Rory meeting a new guy and getting coffee, maybe a cameo of someone famous. She would be working in political journalism in Washington DC. Everything else wouldn't have major changes. But ofc the last four words would not be what it was! I would've liked the last scene to parallel the last scene of the first season finale, Rory and Lorelai running towards each other under the fairy lights of SH with the same song playing."

"I think it'd be interesting for rory to have residual feelings for jess but jess isn't pining over her. For once she needs to be pining over someone who is over her."

"Would have liked to see more lane/rory friendship......lane having some kind of career"

"Would have liked to see rory's chilton friends grown up madeline and louise"  "En serio, porque why FRANCIE?"
(Acerca de Lauren y Alex ganando 750k por episodio, y creo va diritgido a Alexis) "Well damn get money but some of that money should be invested in acting classes"

"like if that was the ending Amy had planned all along for season 7, then it suddenly all makes sense why Jess was brought back during season 6 seeming all level-headed and mature in contrast to Logan. She was totally moving the pieces in place to lead to that repeating circle of hell fire. While the things in the revival would've made sense past season 6, it doesn't past season 7, especially when you have to account for the fact that 10 years have gone by. I hate when show runners get stuck on the idea of how they wanted their show to end on the onset without taking into account how the show has progressed throughout it's run. this is the same type of shit that ruined HIMYM for me. granted this end wasn't as bad as HIMYM's ending, but still."

(este comentario es respuesta al comentario anterior) "That's a really good point, this revival seems like a exact continuation from S6. Man, if that is the case and if ASP planned this all along, I'm so so so glad that she left the show and thankful for s7. There's something I thought I'd never say."
"also I was rooting for Jess, but god Logan would've never been that guy that he was in the revival. Logan was the one who thought it was wrong of Rory and Marty to lie to Gia albout their history. He was also very upset when Rory thought he had cheated on her with those bridesmaids, when in his mind they were broken up by that point. For all of his faults, Logan always seemed to value honesty and fidelity (at least he had since being with Rory), it just doesn't seem in line with his character to have been ok with cheating on his fiance and having Rory as his other woman waiting in some hotel for him. I know Amy likes to pretend season 7 doesn't exist but come on, things happened that she should've kept in mind."

"I mean, I never hated S7 that much because I'm not a huge fan of L/L and I think everyone who hates S7 is because of L/C. I don't think the season was that bad, the dialogue was less witty but the actual storylines were ok. The last couple of episodes were good imo. Yeah, if GG ends with the revival and there's nothing else coming, I'm just going to pretend that this revival never happened."

"Oh, Alexis. When Jared Padalecki out acts you..."

"I'm still crying over Jess telling Rory to write a book and she does. Just like him telling her to go back to Yale and she does :')"

"you know what, I'm just gonna enjoy that revival for everything else besides Rory and her love life, the weirdness of Lorelai and Luke not having been married or had a genuine talk about kids in the 10 years we had not seen them, and that ending. I'm just gonna pretend none of that shit happened and that the revival was solely based on Emily going through her grief, Paris being a badass bitch, and catching up on the townsfolk. It's the only way I can enjoy it other wise."

"The one thing I don't get is did ASP plan this ending for the final episode of the show from the beginning? Was Lorleai supposed to look horrified by it and Rory a complete mess and for the show to end on a very pessimistic unresolved note? Or did she plan this for the revival to get more $$ and episodes?"
"season 7 was better than this shit. honestly, what a fucking mess."

"First, was Rory always this egotistical and narcissistic? Her overall superior attitude was off-putting. Was this the writer placing her ideas on the millennial experience onto Rory? The assumption that people don't have jobs due to pickiness and lack of trying. Also, where is your self-esteem where you don't position yourself to have a salary for a job? The whole thing just made me not root for her and her selfish behavior. It upset me no one called out her bullshit. Instead she continued to play victim and didn't understand Lorelai viewpoint on the intrusiveness of writing about her life. All her relationships deserved better than her. I rarely say that, but they did."

"Rory's storyline could have been compelling regarding about the experience of career changes. I would have preferred a storyline where Rory obtained success at a major newsprint organization, like The New York Times. She found herself unhappy with her career and her boyfriend, Paul, because of the unrealistic expectations of success she had. People change jobs about three times throughout their lifetime. Thus it is realistic. She could have met Logan. She could have found out he was engaged and slept with him to feel a rush. Logan being defensive with emotions since she dumped him ten years ago, pushed her away and gave classic playboy moves, with hints of him having real feelings for her. She drives back home after a breakdown with her editor about a story. She could either decide to write a book or discover she wants to become a teacher at Chilton with the help of Jess (insert hints of romance here as well). Amy could have left the ambiguous ending of her romantic life without sacrificing her character."

"I'm so mad I actually expected to see some sort of growth out of Rory's "journey". She was never my favorite but I didn't expect her to be this bad after so many years and STILL not being called out for her BS. What a waste of revival."

"The fact that ASP didn't even watch S7 bc she is a petty hack and basically ignored anything that happened during that time is bs. Just bc it wasn't her vision doesn't mean it didn't happen. She did Logan so dirty. S7 Logan would never, ever act like that and put Rory in that position. Plus I hate how she negated all the growth Rory/Christopher had in their relationship. What a bunch of bs. She wants Logan to be Christopher and Jess to be Luke so badly. If I shipped Rory/Jess I would be pissed bc she showed 0 romantic feelings for him. I left the revival with the impression that Logan is her great love and if she ends up with Jess she's basically settling for the nice, stable one, lbr. Ugh. What a mess."
Eva: text → tveva_1102 on November 28th, 2016 09:06 pm (UTC)
Desde anoche que termine de ver en forma el desastre estoy preparando todo un ensayo para comentar,pero el lj me odia y se me ha borrado el comment... por el momento me quedo con esto:

I left the revival with the impression that Logan is her great love and if she ends up with Jess she's basically settling for the nice, stable one, lbr. Ugh. What a mess.

Si cambian el Logan por Christopher y el Jess por Luke esa sería mi descripción exacta de TODA la serie, la cual la mayoría del fandom se nego a admitir por años!!... y con este revival únicamente me acaban de confirmar el punto...

Una parte de mi se alegra por que ahora mi corazoncito roto puede estar tranquilo, por que que si bien mi shipper no se dio (y todas esperanza estaba perdida desde hace años) queda la confirmación de que Christopher era a final de cuentas el amor de la vida de Lorelai... por eso odio el Luke/Lorelai (si, pasé de medio tolerarlos a odiarlos), por que es una relación basada en la amistad y estabilidad mas que en amor (y a las pruebas me remito), y ahora también odio todo lo referente a lo que han hecho con Rory/Logan/Jess, me parece un gran maltrato e injusticia a los personajes por parte de ASP, yo no soy team Jess, pero aunque lo fuera ni en sueños quisiera que algún día confirmen que a final de cuentas Rory se va a quedar con él por que fue el único que le ofrecio "estabilidad" a Rory y creo que no hay cosa mas cruel que dejar a todos con el sentimiento de que su "gran amor" a final de cuentas fue Logan... y tampoco creo que Jess merezca que lo comparen con Luke...

Hay mil cosas que comentar pero por el momento solo dejo eso... sinceramente estos 4 episodios fueron demasiado desilusionantes pero una parte de mi esta alegre por que a final de cuentas me han confirmado siempre tuve razón XDDD
Xenclymoony_star on November 30th, 2016 03:48 am (UTC)
Siento raro de comentar en el LJ, jaja.

En general, creo que fue decepcionante, pero por un punto principalmente y ese fue, no dejar crecer a los personajes.

"While the things in the revival would've made sense past season 6, it doesn't past season 7, especially when you have to account for the fact that 10 years have gone by. I hate when show runners get stuck on the idea of how they wanted their show to end on the onset without taking into account how the show has progressed throughout it's run. this is the same type of shit that ruined HIMYM for me."